Birthday Cakes 

Birthday cakes commonly eaten to celebrate birthdays as part of a tradition.  Of course, there are many variations of what a birthday cake is and via cultural diversity, traditional practice and personal tastes there are many cakes to choose from.






All children’s cakes ordered in the month of NOVEMBER will receive a 2O% off discount.

Deposit of 50% once confirmed booking.  Click here for a quote.


My Red Cupcake sells celebration cakes with buttercream or fondant to cover.  Cakes never go out of fashion.  They are for big and small kids alike.  Any theme, any size!  From simple to stunning, fun to frivolous, cute to colourful, bold to bright.  Let’s put a piece of you on your next Cake!  


Hey, let us bake and make a birthday cake for you!

If you order one this NOVEMBER then you will get a

great deal of 2O% off and an awesome cake

for you to celebrate with your

friends and family.

Have you ever imagined being given a blank white fondant cake and then having edible crayons to write and scrawl all over.  Hey that would be cool right?  Well, that’s a fine idea if you cannot think of anything else.  Try us out with this idea and you get to decide on what goes on and what doesn’t.  Get all your guests to draw on it.  Let your artistic imagination go wild.  Enjoy yourself.  This is a great idea not just for birthdays but even weddings engagements and anniversaries.  Guests can write congratulatory messages on it for you.  Or you child can scribble away.  Take photos and keep the memories alive.

Scribble Cake

Scribble Cakes, white fondant covered cake comes with edible crayons so your child can draw their own memorable images on it!


Order one from us soon…. this also includes the 20% off SALE.

We look forward to hearing from you….

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