are the favourite!

They are easy to display, hold & serve, with minimal clean up afterwards. Everyone gets the ‘same’ piece of cake. They can look whimsical, simple, or glamorous.

Available in regular size and mini size.

To avoid disappointment 3-7 days notice required.

Basic Cupcakes – Vanilla, Chocolate or Red Velvet Cake with any single available colour of Buttercream & Sprinkles to match. Regular Basic $36 per dozen. Mini Basic $36 per 24.

Fancy Cupcakes – Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet or Marble Cake with up to any three available colours of Buttercream & Decorations. Regular Fancy $44 per dozen. Mini Fancy $44 per 24.

Premium Cupcakes – Any of my flavours or available colour with Fondant Decorations. Regular Premium $48 per dozen. Mini Premium $48 per 24.

Custom Cupcakes – Any of my flavours or available colour with Buttercream or Fondant and Customised Decorations. Regular Custom from $56 per dozen. Mini Custom from $56 per 24.

Giant Cupcake – Vanilla, Chocolate or Red Velvet Cake with Chocolate Base and Buttercream of any available colour. Basic $80 (serves 12-15) Custom from $95.

Seasonal Cakes are fun for everyone. They are a delightful ornament to display, admire and then eat!

Birthday & Novelty Cakes are only limited to your imagination. You can buy themed Cake Toppers then add them to your finished cake!

Special Occasion Cakes need a 6-12 week notice period to avoid any disappointment.

Naked Cakes

Cafe style cakes are available via special order. We offer a standard mixed box – “My Favorites” – please click on below images for further information.

Cookies anyone? Sugar cookies with fondant in many designs are available. They are great at children’s parties, as a compliment to a Sweets Table, or as a take home favour.

Sweets Buffet table

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